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Sitting, Waiting

This is an incredible music video of Jack Johnson’s “Sitting, Waiting.” View it here. Thanks to Rocketboom.

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EchoMtView Continue reading

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Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39

Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39 Originally uploaded by Nomadicoder. Thanks to thedigitalphotographyweblog for this posting about AutoStitch. I installed it and assembled some panoramas I photographed a few years ago. I have this photo of Launch Complex 39 at … Continue reading

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Giving Ecto a Try

One problem I have with on line blog software is that you have to be on line to post entries. I’m giving Ecto a try. It appears to let me draft my posts off line and possibly even queue up … Continue reading

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B2V Support

I am again helping out the Los Angeles County Sheriff Norwalk Station team’s effort in the Baker to Vegas Challenge cup with Amateur Radio communications. The website for the effort is at If the broadband situation pans out, we … Continue reading

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Ontology is Overated (on the web)

Clay Shirky talks about ontology and categorization ala Yahoo! and Mozdev. It’s foolish for global portals like Yahoo! to categorize the world, let alone the web in a ontological ontology, because it assumes every one categorizes in the same way. … Continue reading

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Common Mathematics

Lobsters, birds, cats, dogs and people who don’t do well on math tests are nonetheless math geniuses. Keywords: math, education. IT Conversations: Keith Devlin – Tech Nation

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Minotaur Launch

I attempted to view the Minotaur Launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base. From

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Disneyland of Legos

Now this is cool! Here’s the direct link Found by way of Boing Boing

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