Another Delay Flight

Looks like we have been delayed for an hour and a half. The airport broke their standard tow bar to push the 757 back. The pilot said that it looked like the Indy 500, but from what I recall, the ordered chaos in the pit actually accomplishes something.

We are in the air now.

Saw some interesting sites on take off. The Iwerks building is rignt next to the airport.

The in-flight movie is “Robots” I’ve got my iPod. I’m listening to Wil WRight talk about the development of game software. He recalls a few I remember from the early days of computing, “Flight Simulator” by Bruce Artwick and Bill Budge’s Pinball. I remember the wireframe flight simulator. I remember trying to fly off the edge of the “world” and finding that the simulated is round. Fly in a straight line in any direction, and you eventually return to where you started. Then if you were able to fly sraight up, long enough, you would probably find yourself below the ground. An interesting geometry for the universe.

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