Commenter tries to justify Bush on Dvorak’s Wiretap Posting

There is a comment on John C. Dvorak’s Blog posting, “Bush authorizes NSA dosmetic wiretaps,” where Smith attempts to justify Bush’s illegal wiretaps. He concludes, “Least we forget, it was FOREIGN citizens that killed 3,000 of OUR citizens. Focusing our investigations upon FOREIGN citizens just might prevent another 9/11. Confiscating knitting needles from 80-year old ladies from Cleveland will not.”

In a Frontline report, “Inside the Terror Network, Senator Bob Graham stated, “[The FBI] failed to do so. It also was a breakdown in the hand-off of information from the intelligence services to the domestic law enforcement agencies. Several of these people had been tracked by intelligence until they got inside the United States, and then they were lost in our own country.”

Frontline reported, “Perhaps the greatest missed opportunity to foil the plot came just a month before the attack, when a French Moroccan student was jailed in Minnesota. Zacarias Moussaoui aroused suspicion as an inexperienced pilot seeking advanced jet simulator training for a 747 airliner. The flight school alerted the FBI, noting that a fully fueled 747 could be used as a bomb.”

Graham affirmed, “That was sufficient to cause the operator of the simulator to bring it to the attention of the local FBI, but it wasn’t sufficient to cause central FBI to say we need to conduct an aggressive investigation to find out what Mussaoui is up to.”

Lest we forget it was the FBI who was tipped off and had all the information it needed to know to foil the foreign citizens that killed 3000 of our citizens. Following up on tips like that would have prevented 9/11. Spying on a Quaker Meeting House would not.

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