Working Vacation

The dog and I are in Colorado Springs for a few days to visit friends. 10 years ago, I was a member of the El Paso County Search and Rescue Team. I had dinner with a few friends when I got into town. Got to visit Rescue Base last night. I was supposed to spend the morning training with Kim and Brenda and their dogs — hiding, observing. At least that is what I thought I was supposed to be doing…

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As we were getting started, Kim received a search page for an elderly man visiting his son in Falcon, and had not returned for two days. He left shortly before a snow storm blew through town. Kim and Brenda invited me to tag along (and I think to put me to work). We when to the home of the reporting party. I said would wait in the car with my dog, they would come out and we’d start a road search.

Not quite… Since I had been a member and was invited into the home. A short time later, I was placed in front of the radios passing traffic to the Aviation Division. Observing, asking questions, passing tasking assignments to the two aircraft we eventually got airborne and relaying their observations to the management team. This was not the vacation I envisioned.

We were going all day and reaching the end of any useful searching, and losing daylight, wondering what we would do next when we received a call from Elbert County that he had been found. Seeing the reaction reminded me of what made the work so worthwhile.

I’m thankful to Kim and Brenda for letting me tag along and to the rest of the team for letting me participate. It brought back a lot of good memories.

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