MousePlanet Podcast Launches

Since April, I’ve been working as a post-production engineer for the then Conversations Network, now GigaVox Media where I clean up and edit audio from technical an business conferences for publication to the various Gigavox channels such as IT Conversations and the Social Innovations Channels. I’ve also been producing the podcasts for Life Covenant Church.

Now, after a four year absence, I’ve returned to MousePlanet to take on the role of audio engineer for MousePlanet on their new podcast which launched today. It’s my first double-ender, were the hosts record their audio tracks separately. I have to synchronize the tracks and merge them together before I can edit and clean up the audio. The synchronization and merging process went surprisingly smoothly. I didn’t have to do any stretching of either file to make sure they stayed in sync – not bad for 40 minutes of audio.

The MousePlanet Podcast stars hosts Mark Goldhaber, Mike Demopoulos along with West Coast correspondent Andrew Rich. The show features highlights and news from the MousePlanet web site, which covers Disney theme park news.

Congratulations to Mark, Mike, and Andrew for job well done!

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  1. No congrats to YOU steven for your great work! – Mike

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