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FaceBook Addiction

I’ve spent the last three days trying to pull my self away from FaceBook.  I don’t know what makes it so addictive.  I think it’s the way it build social networks.  I’ve connected with colleagues on IT Conversations/Conversations Network, and … Continue reading

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PowerBook Charger Problem Solved?

For the last few months, my powerbook has been suffering from balky charger. The LED indicator on the power connection has been flickering between charging and charged (amber and green). The computer itself has been switching between charge and battery … Continue reading

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Sony HiMD Drivers for Mac with ATRAC3 Support Since July 2006

I was curious to see if Sony had ever released an upgrade to their HiMD drivers for Mac and found they had an update dated 7/15/2006. I downloaded and installed it and found that since that time, we’ve been able … Continue reading

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Back to Flock

I’m giving Flock a try.  Thanks to Leo Laport on Mac Break Weekly #42.  I’m posting this from Flock, and so far so good.  Then again, I’ve only just started using it.  I’ve also installed it on my flash key … Continue reading

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