PowerBook Charger Problem Solved?

For the last few months, my powerbook has been suffering from balky charger. The LED indicator on the power connection has been flickering between charging and charged (amber and green). The computer itself has been switching between charge and battery power. While it’s doing this, it’s been making popping sounds through the speaker. Sometimes the power cable gets pretty hot. I’ve been trying to find the solution to this problem for three or four months.

Today, I came across a very interesting Hot Topic in the Apple Powerbook G4 Support page entitled “The AC power adapter won’t charge my battery.” The real title of the article is “Portable Computers: Troubleshooting power adapters” which makes more sense as the article covers three power adapter problems, in particular, “The adapter only charges the computer intermittently.”

Apparently when the charger overheats, gets an over voltage, or senses ground noise the adapter shuts down. In my case, acts erratically. Unplugging it from the wall and letting it rest for 60 seconds seems to have done the trick. It’s working fine now. The power manager is stable, the battery is charging, and the power cable is cool.

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  1. DL says:

    Thanks for this! I supposed it’s a testament to the quasi-permanency of the Internet that I found a solution to my six-year-old power adapter from an off-hand blog post two and a half years prior to my having the problem.

    Thanks for leaving this up. If only we can preserve and maintain access to the archive of human knowledge we’ve created like this forever, we may never see another Dark Age of Mankind.

    Too deep for a Tuesday night. Sorry.

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