Sony HiMD Drivers for Mac with ATRAC3 Support Since July 2006

I was curious to see if Sony had ever released an upgrade to their HiMD drivers for Mac and found they had an update dated 7/15/2006. I downloaded and installed it and found that since that time, we’ve been able to download ATRAC3 audio from the MiniDisc recorder to the Mac. Not only that, it translates the audio to .WAV. But wait! There’s more! You can download from the MiniDisc recorder multiple times

I found it at the Sony Support Site Enter the model number, such as MZ-M10 or MZ-M100 and it should take you to the driver download page for the device.

I don’t know how this slipped under the radar. I might be able to understand why Sony hasn’t made a big deal about it, but a Google search under the obvious terms didn’t turn up much. I think it’s a compelling reason to use HiMD for recording conferences, lectures, and speeches.

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3 Responses to Sony HiMD Drivers for Mac with ATRAC3 Support Since July 2006

  1. marco Santos says:

    i have the mz-nh700 a canadian model and what you mention does not appear. So I tried with an american model and still, the same. Is it possible to send me the direct link to that page or even the program by e-mail? Please help me, it’s so fustrating…

  2. Steven says:

    Here is a direct link

  3. Ali says:

    helle dears
    i have a Hi-MD MZ-NH1
    and it works great
    but since i switched to MAc i can not use that any more
    is there any way or software to help me?

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