New Marantz PMD-620 Portable Recorder

Marantz Pro announced the new PMD620 Portable Handheld Field Recorder last week at Podcast Academy 6. It has all the features of other recorders such as the M-Audio Microtrak, Edirol R-09, and Zoom H4. I already have a Zoom H4, but if the Marantz has good sound, then the Marantz will look more attractive to me, mainly because it doesn’t look like a weapon.

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4 Responses to New Marantz PMD-620 Portable Recorder

  1. Graham Riches says:

    Marantz always had employed cheap mic pre-amps and it will be very hard for it to keep with the fierce competition out there. Sony PCM D50 will be better bet. It’s sound quality is very close to Fostex Fr2 le but with abit more much and better gain.

    Key features:
    – Quality MIC (internal – can be set to any position)
    – High grade 4 seperate circuits – ultra low noise
    – Superb battery life – upto 35 hours with NimH 2700
    – Dual Limiter function – no more distortion or clips.
    – Built internal 4GB – generous start.
    – High qualit mic pre amps/head phone amps.
    – can be used with XLR-1 unit – for more wider choice of Mic
    – Casing is metal not Plastic.
    – It’s SONY.

    check this link:

  2. Steven says:

    Thanks, but the Sony still looks like a taser. This is a real problem for me. I send reporters from into Disney press events with portable recorders for our podcast. At first the H4 looked ideal because of it’s relative simplicity to use, however, we have been stopped by security. and had to prove that the device was not a weapon

    Marantz is only one candidate device. I am also looking at the Fostex as well as the Zoom H2. I’m waiting for the reviews for the Marantz to give it an honest chance.

  3. Saj says:

    I have been searching for high grade recorder and I was leaning towards Korg MR-1 for its 1 bit Technology. I believe the new Sony is a real cracker, as I have already looked at the marantz, its simply another version of Edirol R09 offering limited sample rates. Based on the 660 technology (noisy mic pre-amp), but no XLR inputs. if your concerned about design, then go for the H2 zoom or even better FR2 le but u will need use external mics for best performance..

  4. gibbons says:

    Has someone tested the preamp of the new marantz 620? I know that old marantz recoders have a noisy preamp, but what about this new model? How much gain vs noise?

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