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MojaveRATS Website

Check out the MojaveRATS website. We’ll be chronicling our adventures supporting two teams running the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup. If you a licensed amateur radio operator, we’re still looking for volunteers. Visit the web site or contact me through … Continue reading

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Lack of Blogging Activity

I blog infrequently, especially over the last few months. But I’ve been posting to Twitter quite a lot over the last year, mostly my adventures in podcasting. Much of it mundane — I’m working on show xyz, etc. This is … Continue reading

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Price of Gas or Value of Money

According to Andrew Olson, the problem is not the price of gasoline, but the value of the Dollar. In 1980, in Portland, Oregon, I typically filled up, under these draconian conditions, for an average of $1.24 per gallon. Adjusted for … Continue reading

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