Utility of Podcasting

On the recent Podcast Brothers, Tim and Emile address the recent Slashdot article, “Will Twitter Join Podcasting on the ‘Net Sidelines’?

The brothers conclude, is this kind of service [podcasting] of any value: “If it’s valuable to you, and accomplishes your goals, then that’s all that really matters.”

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I share their sentiment which I’ve had since the beginning of podcasting, which is why I continue working with on the MouseStation podcast. While we want to build our audience, I don’t have dreams of building the next blockbuster show.

The question the author of the article assumes that Twitter and Podcasting are on the Net Sidelines. The question is irrelevant. If you look at Twitter users and independent podcast producers, we find that they are using the technology to voice their message sent to a niche audience. While it’s fun to build an audience, it is unlikely they will become the next Slashdot or Boing Boing. But who cares?

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  1. The challenge with building a sizable audience all comes down to two factors: 1) Getting more people consuming podcasts; and 2) Marketing your podcast. Today most podcasters are doing little more than putting their shows on iTunes and some of the other directories and hoping for the best. The likelihood of this working is very very small. To help on both parts of this issue Blogger & Podcaster Magazine has created “The Blogger & Podcaster Guide” – a “TV Guide” for the mainstream to blogs/podcasts. We’ve got distribution through USA TODAY and 15 other media partners (hopefully over 100 within a few more months.) You can see all the media partners at http://www.bloggerandpodcaster.com/register … and you can see the guide at http://www.thebpguide.com. The next step is to make it so readers of these publications can subscribe, listen/watch/read their shows/blogs right from a “My Blogs/podcast” tab within the guide. I believe this will be a huge help overcoming the technology barrier that keeps the mainstream from accessing our industry’s content.

    Larry Genkin
    Founder & Publisher
    Blogger & Podcaster Magazine

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