Getting Organized

I’m looking at different ways to track and not lose ideas on the go. A common problem. OmniFocus is too centralized on the home system. Here’s what I need

  • Ability to gather ideas and personal notes on the go
  • Ability to gather those notes while I’m disconnected from “the cloud” and sync up when I am able to connect.
  • Reminders to clear out my inbox of notes
  • A place to develop those notes into tasks or writings

I’d like the ability to take Devon Think Pro on the road with me, on the iPhone, but short of that Evernote is nice, but the iPhone App is but doesn’t lend it self to tasking.

I’m currently examining Chandler. It looks pretty good. Playing with the iPhone app. I wish I could access the default Home and Work collections. I can only add to custom collections. Hope to have more to say as I evaluate the the service.

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