AT&T U-Verse Installation Saga Continues (?)

After spending 3 more hours on the phone (two hours of lost work), I finally heard AT&T admit they made a mistake when they disconnected the previous tenant’s DSL and that I’m still not seeing service before the the end of the year. So I ordered service from Time Warner. I should finally have broadband by Monday.

Now I found out through the property manager that the previous tenant said that she was able to contact DSL Tier 2 to respond and fix the problem today and that AT&T said I should see service by Christmas Eve (in two days). I’m not holding my breath, and frankly, I’m tired of spending hours at a time on the phone with AT&T. As far as I’m concerned, whomever provides service for me first, I’ll go with them. I’m not waiting past the first of the year for broadband service.

It is not my business to find out why I can’t get broadband service in a timely manner. We all know what needs to be done on AT&T’s side, and I won’t even grace them with what they can do, because at this time, their business culture is not capable of retaining new customers. The customer is not the person who should solve problems like this so he can get service. I’ll share the question I asked the AT&T technical support agent last Wednesday. “Why am I responsible for solving this problem, and getting the previous tenant, whom I don’t know, to assist me in solving the problem which is clearly something AT&T should do?” The support agent could do nothing to help me, and told me that I had to take care of it myself.
I frankly don’t care if AT&T doesn’t have the ability to find out what’s on their own wires. They should be the ones calling the property manager to contact the previous tenant, not me. They should be the one tracking down the real reasons why they can’t get a DSL to my residence and fix it.
I’ve wasted enough of my time, and frankly, all I want is broadband, and whether it’s from AT&T or Time Warner, I don’t care. I’m not spending another hour of my time on the phone to get it.

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