AT&T U-Verse Story – They Won The Race

I posted this on Twitter, but AT&T came through. I’ll chronicle the events of what happened in a subsequent posting. Let me first say that now that it is running, the utility of the system is most impressive. It’s easy to use, and the quite a leap from my non-integrated DVR experience goes.

My situation was pretty much exceptional, in that AT&T internally dropped the ball on the DSL disconnect and how it handled my order. Two people in particular at U-verse were particularly helpful, and Vince, who installed the system last week and came in to finish the job yesterday did yeoman’s work getting me on line within 15 minutes of the deadline (which had to be met so I could participate in a Christmas Eve service at my church).

It’s Christmas, and I have a Podcast to complete and a family dinner to attend, so I’ll write more about the experience and my impressions on the U-verse service in a subsequent posting.

[UPDATE: 12/26/2006 – The last report on the installation and a review of the system will be delayed because of family business]

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