Kindle 1.2 Update

Amazon recently updated the Kindle firmware to version 1.2. The update has been taking place over the past week or so. My Kindle updated last night. So far i see a new “Sync & Check Items” which I gather from on line discussions synchronizes purchased items and synchronize bookmarks between devices. This will probably make it easy for folks who purchase the soon to be released Kindle 2.Opening a book purchased from Amazon, there is also a “Sync to Furthest Page Read”. I think this lets you return to where you left off in a book, if you have not read your purchased book in some time or if you go back to an earlier location in a book.You can also delete books from the main menu. Now, you don’t have to open content management and manually search for books to delete.Lastly, while I don’t recommend the device for browsing the web, I’ve found the browsing and updating to run somewhat faster.Overall, Kindle 1.2 feels as if it has improved performance. Better content management is a definite plus. This upgrade seems to ease the way for Kindle 1 owners who transition to the Kindle 2. [Update March 4, 2009: It appears the page changes are faster.  Also, I’ve noticed that every other page does not flash, but immediately transitions to the next page.] 

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  1. Maria says:

    Just nice that now we have this wonderful opportunity. It is much easier and more convenient than before!

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