Too Many Apps

Monday I had to factory reset my Motorola Droid. I was unable to wake my phone. It was on, the green new mail light was flashing, but when I pressed the power button to wake it up, nothing happened. The night before, I inadvertently made a phone call as was unable to hang up the call. When I hit the power button, the screen would come on with the phone, but immediately go dark. I had to pull the battery to end the call. Verizon told me that it was possible that the onboard memory was corrupted by an app. I can think of two or three that may have done it. To correct the problem, I would have to do a factory reset. This would blow away all of my loaded apps and all of the data associated with those apps.

I had 40-50 apps installed on the phone. While the clean start was nice, reinstalling the “essential” apps and setting up their on-line accounts was a hassle. It took about 2-3 hours to restore the phone to where I had what I needed. In all, I now have 36 apps. Of these, I think I should pare down some more. It would be nice to get below 30. I’m still figuring out what I really need (like WordPlayer) and keeping a few that aren’t essential but really nice (like Pandora.) Some of the productivity items I seldom use an go, like GDocs. I’ve taken out many of the streaming apps like and Stitcher. But having a much lighter and reliable phone will be nice.

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