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More Problems with Microfinance

Friends at my church have been promoting microfinance as a means to pull the third world out of poverty. Until recently I was an advocate of microfinance, but Jeff Tucker of the Mises Institute changed my mind with his analytic … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Democracies?

I came across this in a posting about friend, Ed Stringham: “… Democracies adopt bad policies because most people are irrationally committed to systematically mistaken economic (and other) beliefs, and politicians have to heed public opinion to get elected” So … Continue reading

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Gratitude, forgiveness, and optimism

From last week’s EconTalk podcast: I do to improve my sense of well-being? New field of Positive Psychology points to gratitude, forgiveness, and optimism as actually making people happier. An economic case for a Christian idea. Technorati Tags: christian, Economics

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An after thought

In the link of my previous post, Stephen W. Carson references an article in USA Today. There are people I knew who don’t comprehend the concept that if people consume less of a product, the price of that product tends … Continue reading

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Mises Economics Blog: Newsflash! Demand Curve Slopes Down!!

Mises Economics Blog: Newsflash! Demand Curve Slopes Down!! Imagine that. Gas prices go up, and people cut back on driving. Some of my more clueless friends think that the only solution to high gas prices is price control and windfall … Continue reading

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Long Tail Musician

Three or four years ago, I played hammered dulcimer for a Christmas Eve service at my former church. Some of the musicians, I later learned were hired professionals. One of them commented to me that if I were good enough … Continue reading

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Classical Liberal Starters

A pastor friend asked me about a good starter book on economics from a classical liberal point of view. The first two are available on line thanks to the Liberty Fund’s Online Library of Liberty and their Library of Economics … Continue reading

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In Grand Rapids

I arrived in Grand Rapids last night, a day early. This was because Acton wanted us to be at the Airport by 3:00pm. The earliest flight got in at 8:30pm, hence the early arrival. When I got in, I posted … Continue reading

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